A Day in the Life of the “Coolest Couple in the World”

What does a normal day look like for the ‘Coolest Couple in the World’?

Taking a look back on our five months throughout South East Asia searching for our unquenchable life purpose, we realized we were already living it. Travelling the world, exploring amazing cultures, unbelievable landscapes and unique adventures around the world while inspiring others to live a life worth living! Not enough people will step out of their comfort zone to live a life they don’t need a vacation from.

5 months ago, we sold almost everything we had in Toronto, Canada and jumped onto a one way flight to Thailand in search of something greater then ourselves. In a world where we feel separated by culture, sex, race, religion, politics and boarders, we realize we are all the same, brainwashed to enter into the same rat race driven by fear of never reaching the “cheese”. The funny thing is… we rarely reach the “cheese” because we always think it is in the future and fail to appreciate the present moment. We both have always believed that anyone can live the life they want and we have always wanted to share and inspire people to #LiveLiveOnYourOwnTerms.

So… here we find ourselves, 5 months into our trip realizing we have already arrived. We  have always had all the resources at our fingertips to share and help others break through…. Vlogging and Blogging! How brilliant! Some of the most successful people in the world say the greatest happiness, is helping others find happiness. In our short lives, we have first hand experienced the amazing and fulfilling bliss that comes out of sharing with others and helping others!

We start the vlog showing a normal day in the life of us at this time in our lives. Waking up and going for a swim at our condo’s pool in Kata Beach, Thailand, then getting ready to go out searching for waves to surf.  Paul cannonballs into the pool soaking Heather and her phone then Heather opens fresh coconuts to drink like a maniac in her bikini. We check out Kata beach which is the main tourist beach for surfing (as this is where they hold the surf competitions. We pass by Surf House Phuket aka flow rider, a generated wave, then pass our good friends restaurant, Burger House, spotting the Google truck on the way. We end up grabbing a bite at our

FAVORITE cafe in Phuket owned by an Australian and his beautiful Thai Wife and Daughter called Wilson’s (inspired by the movie castaway). They have great Austrailian food with fresh poached eggs, avocado, veggiemite, wheatgrass shots, fresh juicing and shakes with some of the best cappuccinos on the island and more. We tried to convince their 3 year old daughter to pay for our bill to no avail and then headed to Nai Harn beach in Rawaii to catch the sunset waves. Being very early in the season, we were happy to catch some 2 footers at best. This is where the video really shows an in depth look into who Paul and I really are.

We may be all fun and games constantly joking around but that’s because we truly believe that life should be fun and the anyone can create a life that they don’t need a vacation from. Just do what you love. While editing the surf part of the video, Heather was reading Paul something she wrote with the music was playing in the backround and…. BOOM! We had it. We found our niche and what makes us fulfills our purpose. We always say that if you just have your goals and know where you want to go… the universe will lead you. We were led in that moment to add all of these beautiful inspiring pieces of modivation and revelations to the end of our vlogs.



To everyone that told we were crazy for leaving everything behind in Toronto…

You’re right! We are crazy and we are loving every second of it.
So here’s to The Crazy Ones, the influencers, the risk takers, the ones who aren’t afraid to fail. If you never make

mistakes, you will never make anything. So what we say is FAIL QUICKER because doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever has.
I’m Heather and that’s Paul, on an epic adventure seeing how many waves we can surf, planes we can jump out of, mountains we can climb and borders we can cross transcending the norm and making our dreams our reality. It’s never too late to live the life you have dreamed of. The most important moment in your life is now. Join us now on this epic adventure so we can share with you a raw profound journey of two souls leaving the naysayers behind and breaking our own limiting beliefs. The only limits we have are the ones we tell each other. So many people are afraid to take chances discouraged by the society. Working 9 to 5, have kids, travel once you retire, wait your turn and doing the same thing over and over again calling it a life. If you want something bad enough you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an excuse. So no excuses. We will have new videos out every week. We’re a bit crazy but somehow that works for us. Hit the Subscribe button below and check out our adventures.

We hope you enjoy Vlog 1!

We are so excited that we are embarking on this journey. We have no set schedule and are just letting lifehappen for us so follow along to see what happens when you just let go and do what you love.

Next video and blog is SongKran! THE BIGGEST WATERFIGHT IN THE WORLD!


Let’s Play 🙂

Heather and Paul

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